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Canada Games Camp Recap

This past weekend, Team Ontario met for their last training camp prior to staging and the Canada Games meet this August.  This was a great opportunity for the athletes to be introduced to their games coach, train together, and learn more about the Canada Games experience.

During this camp, athletes also worked on some team building exercises. One activity saw them build a tower made of only balloons and tape.  Another saw them use assorted materials to create items that could be used to enhance training opportunities.  Some of the prototypes the athletes invented included a new drag suit made almost exclusively of pipe cleaners and feathers, goggles that don't fog and have windshield wipers, a swim buddy to float in your lane and make you smile during hard sets, and a water bottle  with the long straw that clips onto your kick board so you can hydrate during the long, hard kicks sets.  

The athletes on Team Ontario have grown into a close knit group very quickly.  The energy when they get together is awesome. It's evident that this team is ready to pull together, race hard, and represent Ontario with top performances and intense pride.

(submitted by Canada Games Head Coach Vicki Keith)