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Swim Ontario address is 1 Concorde Gate, Suite 200B, North York, ON M3C3N6
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Ontario High Performance Sport Initiative

What is OHPSI?
The OHPSI program was designed to support a comprehensive provincial high performance sport system that allows for sustained success of athletes and coaches at the very highest levels of international sport. The goal of the OHPSI program is to identify and support Ontario athletes who are best capable of achieving future international success on senior national teams in targeted winter and summer Olympic/Paralympic and Pan/Para Pan Am Games sports.

OHPSI athletes are identified by Swim Ontario upon achieving a Swimming Canada On Track performance pathway time as follows:

  1. Based on athletes age -  18 & under based on Year of Birth.
  2. Performances done in an approved competition, in an Olympic event, in LCM.

Tier 1:  Athletes are swimmers who achieve either a Gold medal or Podium Pathway On-Track time

Tier 2:  Athletes are athletes who have been identified after achieving an On-Track Podium Pathway time

Services, and programming vary for Tier 1 and Tier 2 identified athletes and are consultative within the coach/athlete tandem. 

For further information regarding your specific athlete(s) please contact Darin Muma

2015 OHPSI Coach Accelerator Program Information

2015-2016 Recipients
Program Information

OHPSI OCAP Selection Criteria & Process

The OHPSI OCAP aims to develop and assist coaches who demonstrate the following characteristics and skill sets:

  • Proven Leadership within the Ontario/Canadian swimming community
  • Regarded with respect amongst and respectful towards peers in the Ontario/Canadian swimming community
  • Short term and long term strategic thinking
  • A relentless desire to learn in a collaborative environment to achieve maximum performance gains
  • Proven winning performances at the Canadian Youth, Junior and Senior National levels
  • The will, attitude, and capacity to coach at the national and international level over the long term
  • A member in good standing PSO, NSO, OSCC, CSCTA, CAC.
  • Minimum  NCCP Level 2 Certified, ChPC,
  • Must have a Swimmer in the 2015 Ontario Swimming Academy

The OHPSI OCAP will have a selection panel of three:

  • OSA Head Coach
  • CSI O IST Representative
  • Performance Programs Manager

The OHPSI OCAP Application Process:

  • NOW - Advertise and Head Hunt
  • Nov 12  - Application Deadline
  • NOV 13 - OHPSI OCAP Selection Panel will review applications
  • NOV 16  -OHPSI OCAP Selection Panel will select candidates
  • NOV 21  -OHPSI OCAP coaches will complete Candidate Needs Assessment
  • NOV 26  and going forward- Participating IST personnel will develop the OCAP Performance Curriculum based on the Candidate Needs Assessment(s).

Application Deadline - Thursday November 12 at 12 noon to Darin Muma