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Rationale for Changes to the Competitive Template 2015-2016

Dated: February 2015

  1. Alignment with Swim Ontario Vision 2020.
  2. Alignment with Swimming Canada’s performance pathway strategies and technical direction.
  3. Athlete, Coach, Club Legacy opportunities with multiple new facility infrastructure being built in 2014-2016.
  4. To keep in place and enhance the three macro-cycles (peaks) performance opportunities currently in the Provincial Competition Programming.
  5. To maintain the current three competition streams by age and ability.
  6. To maintain the current Provincial Competition Package content including standards.
  7. To strategically place short course and long course competitions in each macro-cycle based on the age and ability as defined by the LTAD:
    - Learn to Train (Ages 10-13) MACRO I: SCM MACRO II: SCM MACRO III: SCM or LCM
    - Train to Train (Ages 11-15) MACRO I: SCM MACRO II: SCM or LCM MACRO III: SCM or LCM
    - Train to Compete (13-16) MACRO I: SCM MACRO II: LCM MACRO III: LCM
    - Train to Excel (16 & over) MACRO I: SCM MACRO II: LCM MACRO III: LCM

  8. To lengthen the long course swimming performance opportunities to align with the Swim Ontario Vision 2020, National and International programming – placement of an Ontario Winter Short Course Championships in December and addition of an Ontario Spring Long Course Championships in March.
  9. To continue to increase participation of younger swimmers by:
    - Maintaining the Festival format.
    - Keeping an emphasis on team swimming later in the season.
    - Moving the Team Championships to April with a lcm finals opportunity.

  10. Greater emphasis on “senior” swimming with additional “senior/open” categories in each macro-cycle at; Ontario Winter Short Course Championships; Ontario Winter Long Course Championships and Ontario Summer Long Course Championships making these Championship meets more inclusive.
  11. The addition of an “open” category at Ontario Winter Short Course Championships, will fill a void left in “senior/open” programming with the removal of the Canada Cup traditionally held in this timeframe.