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Strategic Realignment of Committee Structures

Swim Ontario Strategic Planning -- Key Insights
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As part of a regular review of our services, programs and procedures, Swim Ontario is
implementing some changes to our operations to support our strategic plan. Below are some key insights and developments from that process.
Though there will be little to no impact on existing clubs, we have formalized our regions
around geographic boundaries -- moving forward, we will be able to more logically manage
and monitor growth and development throughout all regions. There is only one club (from
our current 122-club population) who is affected by the new borders and they have simply
been allocated to remain operating in their current region.
As a part of our restructuring, we will be creating a new committee model through which our
coaches and officials groups will operate.
  • Our Ontario Swim Coaches Committee will be renamed the Swim Ontario Coaching Committee (SOCC). SOCC will continue to work on behalf of coaches in Ontario, advising on professional development and related topics.
  • For officials, Swim Ontario will be creating a new Swim Ontario Officials Committee (SOOC). SOOC will advise on education, training, quality control and rules & regulations related to competition.
  • SOOC will be complemented by Ontario’s officials who are registered through Swim Ontario and Swimming Canada.
  • We’ve made these changes to meet the mandates of our Strategic Plan and to be more in sync with Swim Canada’s national plans for coaches and officials.
  • We will continue to offer and facilitate all the education and certification services that allow clubs to ensure their coaches and officials are fully qualified and that any meets they host will be served by experienced, qualified personnel.
  • At start up there may be a short lag as old services and delivery models are upgraded but every effort will be made to ensure a smooth transition and steady, qualified stream of coaches and officials.
  • As we have with coaching for some time, we will be joining Swim Canada and allprovinces to offer standardized OFFICIALS certification programs that will berecognized across the country.
  • These decisions have been made following in depth discussions, over many months,with our officials association, coaches association, Swim Canada and others.
We are very much looking forward to the implementation of these new directions and would
like to conclude with an assurance that our swimmers will continue to have all the
opportunities we are used to seeing to hop on the blocks at swim meets across the regions with
top coaches and officials leading the way.
If you have any questions about the Swim Ontario strategic plan or these changes please don’t
hesitate to contact the Swim Ontario offices through either email ( or
phone (416-426-7220).  FAQ can be found HERE.