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Frequently Asked Questions

on the Strategic Realignment of Committee Structures

If you have any other questions about the Swim Ontario Strategic Plan or the initiatives discussed here, please contact the Swim Ontario office here

When will these initiatives be implemented?

All initiatives, in support of the 2013-2020 strategic plan (see the full plan here) are implemented as required and resources become available.  The strategic plan is Swim Ontario’s focus and initiatives in support of the plan are implemented as needed.

How will the new regions affect my club?

The new regional boundaries called for in the realignment will not have any affect on existing clubs. The boundaries will only be used to guide our future growth and development. 


Why do officials need to fall under Swim Ontario?  Why has the governance structure changed? 

Swim Ontario's strategic review has offered many insights aimed at making the delivery of our services more streamlined; more in sync with Swimming Canada’s national plans; compliant with our funders’ requirements; and most importantly, advancements that are to the benefit of all Swim Ontario members.


  • To keep pace with advances made at Swimming Canada;
  • To remain in sync with a national model aimed at standardizing services across the country;
  • To efficiently utilize learning and successes from other provinces;
  • To take responsibility for services that our funding models and our relationship with Swimming Canada requires us to be accountable for;
  • To offer the best service to our members throughout Ontario.

A significant aspect of Swim Ontario’s evolution is to efficiently integrate with Swimming Canada’s plan for National Registrations and Certifications for both officials (new) and coaches (already exists).

  • The NCCP standardized programs are already in place and allow coaches to work at meets in any province (and relocate without re-training) 
  • Similar national standards for officials, to be ushered in through training and quality control programs, are being introduced by Swimming Canada and managed by the provincial sports organizations.  Working with an official’s organization outside the jurisdiction of the provincial sport body does not satisfy our national partners at Swimming Canada or our funding organizations
  • Moving forward, officials will be qualified to work at meets anywhere in Canada, and the standards swimmers experience will be consistent across the country.

Change (even when called evolution) will typically come with a learning curve and possibly even some growing pains. However, through planning, good two-way communications and the type of collaboration we have always enjoyed with the groups that support swimming in Ontario, we can (all) continue to do a great job for our swimmers.

To find out more about the Swim Ontario Officials Committee please visit the "Officials" tab on the Swim Ontario website.

With a new officials committee (SOOC) to oversee officials in Ontario, what will become of OSOA?

OSOA as an incorporated entity will need to determine their direction.