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Swim Ontario address is 1 Concorde Gate, Suite 200B, North York, ON M3C3N6
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Club Official

An official agrees, by submitting their application to be a registered Swimming Canada / Swim Ontario official, to abide by and comply with the By-Laws, policies, procedures, rules and regulations of Swim Ontario including the Swim Ontario Comprehensive Code of Conduct and Ethics.  They understand fully the implications of being a registrant of Swim Ontario.

The Club Officials Administrator (COA) will initiate the registration once they recieve the Privacy Consent Form (PIPEDA) form from each official in their club.

New Club Official

  • Clubs will communicate the registration process for new club officials. 
  • Attending an Intro to Swim Officiating Clinic is one of the steps in the registration process for a new official.
  • Officials will be asked to provide the following information
  • Clubs may ask for the additional contact information and forms during swimmer registration periods.
  • Please follow your Club’s procedures for registration.

Returning Club Affiliated Official

  • A returning Club affiliated official will need to contact their Club Official Chair (COC) and/or Club Official Administrator (COA).
  • For registration to begin they will need to provide the COC/COA with the following
    • Signed PIPEDA Consent Form
    • Full name
    • Email address
    • Gender
    • Level of Certification and date received
  • They may also be given additional instructions from their COC/COA.
  • Level 4 & 5 officials will submit either a Police Record Check or Offence Declaration Form by following the Club’s Procedures for submission.
    • The Swim Ontario Screening Policy can be found in the Swim Ontario Procedure Manual here

All forms and Police Record Checks are to be submitted to the COA / Club.

It is important for the official to login to their account once they receive their email for officials account.  They must complete all steps to be fully registered.

Officials Registration Guide - 2017-18 updates (July 17, 2017)


Overview of registration for officials