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Swim Ontario address is 1 Concorde Gate, Suite 200B, North York, ON M3C3N6
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Code of Conduct & Privacy Statement

  1. Swim Ontario Officials Code of Conduct

  2. Swimming Canada Privacy Consent (PIPEDA)

  3. Dress Code

Swim Ontario Comprehensive Code of Conduct and Ethics

The full Swim Ontario Comprehensive Code of Conduct and Ethics

Officials Section

Officials will have additional responsibilities to:

  1. accept an assignment to officiate at a meet only if one intends to honour that commitment.  If, for any reason, one is unable to attend, let the person in charge of officials know as soon as possible;
  2. be fair and objective;
  3. avoid situations for which a conflict of interest may arise pursuant to Swim Ontario's Conflict of Interest Policy;
  4. make independent judgments;
  5. have a positive attitude when going to work at a competition, time trial, and swim meet;
  6. All officials to follow the dress code prescribed by Swim Ontario and/or Swimming Canada for Swim Ontario sanctioned competitions and SNC designated competitions
  7. be at the pool and ready to work at least 45 minutes before the session begins, particularly if one is doing strokes and turns as the Referee will be giving instructions as to any rule changes or interpretations and procedures for the session at this time;
  8. report promptly to the officials’ area to sign in.  Officials must remain in the sign-in area until briefing has been completed;
  9. accept the assignment one has been given at the meet;
  10. remain at your assigned station for the entire session.  If you need a replacement for any reason, arrangements must be made with the Referee before leaving your post;
  11. know the rules thoroughly as they apply to your assigned position;
  12. be as impartial, unobtrusive and inconspicuous as possible.  Officials do not coach or cheer while working. Your role is to assist by providing adequate technical supervision for the meet;
  13. respect the final decision of the referee - he or she has the right to overturn your decision; and,
  14. do not lecture a coach or debate disqualifications with a swimmer while working the deck.  Remain composed and professional at all times. Refer any questions or problems that come your way to the referee.

Swimming Canada Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)

PIPEDA Consent Form for Officials 

The Canadian Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act (and equivalent provincial legislation) requires that consent be obtained prior to the collection and use of all personal information. The personal information provided at registration will be used for the purposes reasonably associated with officiating activities conducted by the Club, PSO (Swim Ontario) and/or Swimming/Natation Canada (SNC). These purposes include national, provincial, and event registration, insurance coverage, certification, and event participation. Some of the information you provide is for purposes including association registration, insurance coverage and:

  • a) Reporting and publishing name, certification level, gender, club affiliation on Swimming Canada web pages or news releases and reports and;
  • b) Compiling statistical reports
  • c) Reporting non-identifying, demographic and participation statistics to funders, sponsors and other authorized third parties;
  • d) Making direct contact with registrants, volunteers and staff as necessary for the operations of the Club, Provincial Section and SNC.

The personal information collected will include name, gender, and year of birth, contact information, club of affiliation, certification level and progression. Swimming Canada complies with the obligation and responsibility to the World Anti-Doping Agency - WADA (or its agents) to provide information upon request. Additional personal information may be collected from time to time. Consent for the use of this personal information may be inferred where its uses are obvious and it has been voluntarily provided. When not obvious, the purposes for collection will be provided prior to, or at the time of collection; either orally or in writing

Dress Code

Swim Ontario has transitioned to the new modernized attire initiative from Swimming Canada for officials. Beginning in September 2016, the new recommended dress code is in place for all Swim Ontario sanctioned competitions.

Chief Timer: White polo (top) over black bottoms with black footwear

Timers: White top over black bottoms

All other officials: Red Polos (top) over black bottoms with black footwear

            Includes Head Lane Timer performing turn judge duties