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  1. Question about officials registration - updated October 9, 2015

  2. Questions from Meet Managers - Updated October 9, 2015

  3. Questions from Club Officials Chairs

  4. General Questions

Questions about registration of officials from Club Officials Administrators

COA:         Why can’t I see my officials when I log into my Meet Manager/ Team Manager / Club Registrar account?

Answer:   The official’s section for registration requires a different access than the Meet Manager / Team manager / Club registrar login.  An Additional User Access Form is required to access official’s registration.

COA:         The system won’t let me register an official that has no certification level.  What do I do?

Answer:    If the volunteer has been a timer on the deck several times and does not wish to take the Intro to Swimming Officiating then choose Level 1 certification with date September 1, 2015.  Do not enter a clinic date for Level 1 Timekeeper.  If the official eventually decides to go beyond being a timer they will need to complete the Intro to Swimming Officiating clinic before taking another clinic.

COA:        Our officials are getting messages that their account is inactive and they cannot login.

Answer:    Verify that the official’s status is PSO Pending.  This is the trigger that sends out email login information for an “active” account.  Accounts will remain inactive until an invoice is generated and the official’s status changes to PSO Pending.  If you accidently “send login info” before generating the invoice, the account will be inactive.  NOTE: If you generate an invoice and then delete the invoice, all officials on that invoice will receive the auto-generated email however their accounts will be inactive as their status returns to “Invoice Pending”.

COA:         Will we be invoiced for every official we upload through the template Swim Ontario provided?

Answer:    No.  The COA chooses who will be registered (based on paperwork completed) and therefore who will be invoiced for registration. 

COA:          Does the certification level change the registration fee?

Answer:     No.  All officials have a $3.50 registration fee. ($5.00 for 2016-17 season).

COA:           Can the official update their officiating info such as clinics and deck evaluations?

Answer:    No.  The official can only modify their contact information.  The COA has the responsibility of modifying an official’s record of officiating.

COA:      Are the different online signup software mentioned during the seminar linked to Swimming Canada system and the official’s account?

Answer:     No.  The COA will need to enter information from the Sign In form into each official’s account and update deck evaluations after swim meets.

COA:         My club contacted Swim Ontario to make payment on invoices I generated, however, they are not accepting payment? Why?

Answer:   Every official on an invoice must login and complete the registration process by updating their information and adding personal information such as address, phone number, year of birth,etc.  They are also required to answer the anti-spam email consent question before they complete the registration process.  Once they complete this step, you will see a “green checkmark” by their name indicating they have updated their account.  Once all names have a “green checkmark” you will see a “green checkmark” by the invoice which is the trigger to arrange payment for the invoice.

Questions from Meet Managers

MM:           I see that my meet has status “region approved”, however, it is no longer visible on the public Swimming Canada site.  Where did it go? 

Answer:    When a meet is first approved by Swim Ontario it will have designation of “region approved”.  The meet does disappear from the public site.  All provinces have requested from Swimming Canada that a meet remain listed when it does go through this middle step.  A final review of meet package and meet sanction fees are required to obtain final sanction.  The meet (and event file) will reappear once this final step is completed and status changes to “sanctioned”.

MM:          Clubs are having a hard time uploading entries. No one is coming to my meet.  Can we accept entries via email?

Answer:      Meet Managers are reminded that entries must be processed through the SNC system to ensure all swimmers and coaches are properly registered.  At least one coach must be registered in order to upload entries.

MM:            Do I need to upload entries for Club Time Trials and/or In House competitions?

Answer:      Yes.  All entries, including those for competitions that have only one club, must go through the Swimming Canada system and be approved by the host.  Failure to upload entries will results in penalties for both offending club and host club.  The approval process for entries is necessary for proper analysis of the post meet report.

MM:             Clubs are contacting me because the system is indicating that entries have ended even though they are still open.  What do I tell them?

Answer:      Coaches can still upload entries until the meet manager/entries person closes entries.  They ned to contact meet management to receive the link for upload. 

MM:             Coaches are contacting me because they cannot find the meet package with the new Swimming Canada site for meet listing.  What do I tell them?

Answer:      Coaches and Team Managers must click on the name of the meet and then scroll to the bottom of the page past meet details to “resources” where they can download the meet package, download the event file and upload entries.

Qestions from Club Officials Chairs

COC:      Will Club Officials Chairpersons still exist in 2015/2016?

Answer:   Yes.  A communication from Swim Ontario and the SOOC has been sent to COCs that addresses their concerns and help them during this transition.   Click here for communication. There will be an increase in COC responsibilities during this transition year.  We recommend that clubs assign two (or more) volunteers to work with the officials depending on the club size and the number of its officials.  One person would strictly be the “administrator” of the club’s officials – Club Officials Administrator (COA).  They would be responsible for entering and updating information into the Swimming Canada registration database.  The other volunteer(s) would be the COC(s) and would be in charge of coordinating club official’s clinics, recruitment of officials and swim meet recruitment/signups.  As the Swimming Canada system is developed with additional features, these roles could be merged.

COC:     Who will provide support to COCs?

Answer:  A summary of roles and responsibilities and support for COCs and COAs can be found here.  Swim Ontario and the Coordinator – Officials and Competitions Development Services will provide support for the COCs.   They can email Nicole Parent  at or call 416-426-7220.  Regional Officials Representatives may also help guide Club Officials Chairs.

COC      Who do we contact to order officials pins, cards, rule books etc,?

Answer:  As before, you can fill out the Merchandise Order Form found on the Swim Ontario website.  It can be emailed or faxed to Swim Ontario office -


Why do officials need to fall under Swim Ontario?  Why has the governance structure changed? 

Swim Ontario's strategic review has offered many insights aimed at making the delivery of our services more streamlined; more in sync with Swimming Canada’s national plans; compliant with our funders’ requirements; and most importantly, advancements that are to the benefit of all Swim Ontario members.


  • To keep pace with advances made at Swimming Canada;
  • To remain in sync with a national model aimed at standardizing services across the country;
  • To efficiently utilize learning and successes from other provinces;
  • To take responsibility for services that our funding models and our relationship with Swimming Canada requires us to be accountable for;
  • To offer the best service to our members throughout Ontario.

A significant aspect of Swim Ontario’s evolution is to efficiently integrate with Swimming Canada’s plan for National Registrations and Certifications for both officials (new) and coaches (already exists).

  • The NCCP standardized programs are already in place and allow coaches to work at meets in any province (and relocate without re-training) 
  • Similar national standards for officials, to be ushered in through training and quality control programs, are being introduced by Swimming Canada and managed by the provincial sports organizations.  Working with an official’s organization outside the jurisdiction of the provincial sport body does not satisfy our national partners at Swimming Canada or our funding organizations
  • Moving forward, officials will be qualified to work at meets anywhere in Canada, and the standards swimmers experience will be consistent across the country.

Change (even when called evolution) will typically come with a learning curve and possibly even some growing pains. However, through planning, good two-way communications and the type of collaboration we have always enjoyed with the groups that support swimming in Ontario, we can (all) continue to do a great job for our swimmers.

Are police checks required for Level 4 and 5 officials? updated

Effective September 2015, it is required that all Swim Ontario affiliated clubs adhere to the Screening – Club Personnel Procedure found in the updated Procedure Manual.  Level 4 & 5 officials will require Police Records Checks. Clubs are required to collect and keep on file at the club headquarters all Police Records Checks (PRC).   As part of the annual membership application process clubs must submit a signed Declaration with a list of names and type of screening check collected to Swim Ontario.   Please refer to the Screening – Club Personnel Procedure for additional details.

Level 4 and 5 officials can contact Swim Ontario at and request a supporting letter for their Police Record Check.  Clubs can also contact SwimOntario for a template to provide to their club personnel.  It is recommended that both the letter and the Screening Procedure (link above) be presented at the police department.