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Swim Ontario address is 1 Concorde Gate, Suite 200B, North York, ON M3C3N6
Awards for Provincials and AA Champs now posted!



2018 Swim Ontario Masters Provincials Information
2018 Masters Swimming Canada Nationals Information

Open Letter #4 on Masters Swimming - posted December 21, 2017
Letter from MSC President - posted November 2, 2017
Open Letter #3 on Masters Swimming - posted October 24, 2017
Update #2 on Masters Swimming - posted October 13, 2017
An Open Letter to Ontario Masters Swimmers - posted October 4, 2017


Masters swimming organizations around the world highlight fitness, friendship and fun. Additional benefits include competition and health including medical rehabilitation (swimming/walking) and EiM – Exercise is Medicine. Recognized by FINA and aligned with Swimming Canada and Masters Swimming Canada, Swim Ontario is Ontario’s only provincial body responsible for Masters Swimming affairs.

The committee members are:

  • Dan Thompson (chair)
  • Ralph Ades
  • Jack So
  • Jocelyn Jay
  • Bud Seawright
  • Katie Osborne
  • Andy Ritchie
  • John Vadeika
  • Brian Ward
  • Lindsay Taylor

With the support of Swimming Canada and Masters Swimming Canada this committee is providing a framework for the integration of Masters swimming to Swim Ontario. The scope of the committee includes definitions, athlete registration, club admission standards, governance and more.

The integration of the Masters category into Swim Ontario is a transitional process.  The committee has agreed that all procedures and fees that have been determined for the 2017-18 season are best positioned for this year, however, fees and procedures will be consistently monitored and reviewed.  Swim Ontario recognizes that the integration of Masters will also require review of our By-Laws for possible amendment.

If you have any questions, please email


Masters Membership, Registration and Competition - Joining Swim Ontario - Updated October 24, 2017

Swim Ontario Procedure Manual  - October 2017

Registration Forms and Important Documents

Meet Manager Forms



Q: Is Swim Ontario offering an unattached Masters swimmer category?

A: Please see the Independent Masters registration information HERE


Q: Is incorporation for a Masters only club necessary to join Swim Ontario?

A: No. 

Masters only  Clubs are encouraged to incorporate but it is not mandatory.  All current Swim Ontario affiliated clubs are incorporated (Organizations/Clubs that are the property of Government of Canada (Armed Forces) are exempt).

Advantages of Incorporation

As the corporation is a separate legal entity distinct from its members and has the capacity to own property, to sue and be sued, it affords limited liability protection to its members. This means that individual members are not personally liable in certain instances, for the corporation’s debts and obligations.


Q: I only have a handful of swimmers that want to compete.  Do I need to register all of my swimmers?

A: If the club wishes to join Swim Ontario, all swimmers (competitive and non-competitive) and coaches need to be registered with Swim Ontario/MSC/SNC.  Swim Ontario offers two Masters swimmers category of registration:

Masters MSC - $58.90
Masters Non-competitive - $14.96

See page two (2) of Masters Membership, Registration and Competition - Joining Swim Ontario for details on costs.
This is an annual fee that covers registration with SO/MSC/SNC from September 1 to August 31.

Q: What are the implications of not joining SO as a Masters club? 

A: Swim Ontario is the sole sanctioning authority for Masters competitions in Ontario.  As a consequence, only swimmers registered with an affiliated FINA/SNC/MSC/SO club can compete in sanctioned competitions in Ontario as well as the rest of Canada and beyond (FINA sanctioned competitions, i.e. World Masters Championships).  Records, qualifying times, etc. will only be recognized at sanctioned competitions.


Q: Is there an option for a Masters team to become a subsidiary of an Age-Group club? 

A: An age group club will need to be consulted to see if offering masters programming is an option they wish to consider.  If an age group club wishes to find out information regarding offering masters programming and steps to be able to begin registering masters swimmers they can consult the website at

An age group club offering masters programming would be required to register all swimmers involved in the masters programming and pool time / contracts would be under the Swim Ontario insurance binder.  The registration is simply a registration category similar to competitive and non-competitive that is currently available to age group clubs.


Questions regarding registration and privileges for “MSO activities” should be directed to that organization.